Create a Native Application for any Website


First, add Nativefier globally (-g flag) using NPM (Node Package Manager)

npm install nativefier -g

How to Use

Here's a basic introduction:

nativefier ''

Yeah, it's seriously that easy.

You can use a few flags such as --name "Timber or --icon /src/to/icon.png to customize your installation, but Nativefier automatically tries to scrape that information from the website.

There are still downsides with using Nativefier to create your Electron Applications. It doesn't provide the same user experience as creating the application from scratch, so I wouldn't recommend it for developers who are looking to create a professional application. If you're just looking to create a web app of one of your favorite websites because you hate having to use ⌘-tab to switch back to the tab, it's really a great tool.