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Timber Parsing - Prefixed Levels

If you are not using a formalized log format Timber makes a best effort to parse prefixed levels in your logs.

Supported levels

Timber will support any Syslog RFC 5424 level, case insensitive. In addition to the formal Syslog levels, Timber will also support a fatal level since this is common in various languages. fatal will be mapped to critical to achieve normalization. The levels an application should be concerned with are:

  1. debug
  2. info
  3. warn
  4. error
  5. critical
  6. fatal (mapped to critical for normalization)

Prefixed token patterns

Please see our prefixed token patterns document on the various formats and structures we support.


  1. INFO my log message
  2. INFO: my log message
  3. INFO - my log message
  4. [INFO] my log message

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