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Timber Service Limits

The Timber service imposes limits to protect from abuse and ensure working order of our system as a whole.

  1. What we do not limit
  2. Log ingestion limits
  3. Log data limits
  4. Application schema limits
  5. Alerts limits
  6. Service limit increases

What we do not limit

  1. Timber does not limit users.
  2. Timber does not limit applications.
  3. timber does not limit hosts.

Log ingestion limits

  1. A maximum of 1mb in size for a single request to the [POST] endpoint.
  2. The cumulative byte size sum of all applications cannot exceed your organization's billing plan byte size limit.

Log data limits

  1. All type and validation limits as defined in our log JSON schema.
  2. A maximum of 8192 bytes is allowed for individual log messages.
  3. A maximum of 64kb for a single log line object. This includes the message and all fields.

Application schema limits

If you aren't familiar with the applications within Timber and how Timber maintains it's schemaa, please read our application schema document. Timber imposes the follow limits to each application's schema:

  1. A maximum of 300 fields in the event.custom namespace.
  2. A maximum 50 fields in the context.custom namespace.
  3. A maximum of 300 fields in the meta namespace.

Alerts limits

  1. A maximum of 100 alerts per application.

Service limit increases

Customers can request a service limit increase by contacting us and letting us know which limit they'd like increased.


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