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Timber Agent Installation

  1. Download the archive for your architecture:

     curl -LO {{choose-url-below}}
  2. Unpack the archive to a common location like /opt:

     tar -xzf timber-agent-0.x.x-darwin-amd64.tar.gz0 -C /opt
  3. Move timber.toml to /etc:

     cp /opt/timber-agent/support/config/timber.basic.toml /etc/timber.toml
  4. In /etc/timber.toml replace MY_TIMBER_API_KEY with your API key. don't have a key?

     sed -i 's/MY_TIMBER_API_KEY/{{my-timber-api-key}}/g' file.txt

    Be sure to replace {{my-timber-api-key}} in the command above with your actual API key.

  5. In /etc/timber.toml update the [[files]] entries to forward your chosen files.

  6. Start the timber-agent:

     /opt/timber-agent/bin/timber-agent timber-agent capture-files

    Checkout the usage guide as well as the startup scripts to assist with starting and stopping the agent.


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