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AWS Lambda Installation

  1. Create a new lambda function and jump to the configure function step. Fill out the form with: view example

    RuntimePython 3.6
    Code entry typeUpload a file from Amazon S3
    S3 link URL
    Environment variablesAdd TIMBER_API_KEY with value {{MY-TIMBER-API-KEY}}
    IAM userAssign an IAM user with basic lambda execution permissions.
  2. Navigate to your CloudWatch log groups: view example

    1. Select the desired CloudWatch log group.
    2. Click the actions menu and select Stream to AWS Lambda.
    3. For Lambda Function, select the cloudwatchLogsToTimber function you just created. Click next.
    4. For Log Format, select other and leave the rest of the fields blank. Click next.
    5. Review the details and click Start streaming.

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