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AWS CloudWatch Logs Troubleshooting

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Step 1: Ensure lambda function delivery

  1. Navigate to your Timber log delivery lambda function.
  2. Click the Actions button and select Configure test event.
  3. For the sample event template select CloudWatch Logs.
  4. Click 'Save and Test`
  5. In the Log Output section you should see output like this:

    START RequestId: 3ed0825a-7ade-11e7-8753-112924ed44f1 Version: $LATEST
    Received status 200
    END RequestId: 3ed0825a-7ade-11e7-8753-112924ed44f1
    REPORT RequestId: 3ed0825a-7ade-11e7-8753-112924ed44f1    Duration: 234.70 ms    Billed Duration: 300 ms        Memory Size: 128 MB    Max Memory Used: 27 MB

    Notice the Received status 200. If you do not see that, you should see an error explaining why log delivery failed.

Step 2: Ensure lambda is receiving the proper events

  1. Navigate to your Timber log delivery lambda function.
  2. Click the Configure tab and note the Role settings. Specifically the name of the role being used.
  3. Ensure that the role has basic lambda execution premissions. Providing a deep dive into AWS Iam extends beyond the scope of Timber. We recommend reading this AWS support document which explains how to setup an Iam execution role for your lambda function. Fortunately they make it fairly easy.

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