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Node Configuration - Automatic Log Augmentation

Timber for Node will automatically augment all log lines with rich structured data. This will turn ordinary log lines like:

Sent 200 in

into this:

Sent 200 in 45.2ms @metadata {"dt": "2017-02-02T01:33:21.154345Z", "level": "info", "context": {"http": {"method": "GET", "host": "", "path": "/path", "request_id": "abcd1234"}}, "event": {"http_response": {"status": 200, "time_ms": 45.2}}}

But when using Timber for Node in a development environment, having all that extra noise in your console can make it difficult to read your logs. For this reason, Timber only appends metadata when the NODE_ENV is set to production. If you want to override this setting, you can use the append_metadata configuration option.

How to use it

timber.config.append_metadata = true

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