The Timber libraries are optional upgrades you can install within your application. They work by enhancing your log lines. Instead of completely replacing your log messages, they automatically augment your logs with JSON metadata.

For example, they turn this familiar raw text log line:

Sent 200 in

Into a http_server_response JSON event.

Sent 200 in 45.2ms @metadata {"dt": "2017-02-02T01:33:21.154345Z", "level": "info", "context": {"user": {"id": 1, "name": "Ben Johnson"}, "http": {"method": "GET", "host": "", "path": "/path", "request_id": "abcd1234"}}, "event": {"http_server_response": {"status": 200, "time_ms": 45.2}}}

For a deeper understanding around how this works, see our events and context section.

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