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How is Timber different?

Timber takes a radically different approach to logging. Timber believes the utility of your logs is directly correlated with the quality of your data. All logging platforms share this limitation, except Timber cheats by providing application level libraries that automatically generate high quality log data for you. This includes context and metadata that otherwise couldn't be captured, uniquely positioning Timber to deliver high value developer features like:

  1. Tailing a user
  2. Tracing HTTP requests
  3. Inspecting HTTP requests
  4. Managing exceptions
  5. APM style dashboards
  6. ...and more

This enables Timber to break the traditional logging constraints, allowing it to think beyond text searching and offer features that bleed into other segements of application monitoring. The benefit to you is a single oepn source of data, less context switching, higher productivity, less lock-in, cost savings, and more!


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