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The Timber App - Searching

Searching your logs is arguably the most important feature a logging platform can provide, and Timber has taken great care to expose a simple, intuitive, yet powerful search syntax. It follows the Lucene style syntax with slight differences conducive to searching logs.

App - Searching

Global Rules

  1. All text searching is case insensitive.
  2. Multiple successive terms combine to perform a phrase search and narrow your results.
  3. Special characters (* and ?) can be escaped with a \ or by wrapping the term in quotes "paul*bunyan" or 'paul*bunyan'.

Text Searching

Keywords (intersection)paul bunyanContains paul and bunyan, separately.
Exact matching (phrases)"paul bunyan"Contains the phrase paul bunyan.
Either / Orpaul OR bunyanContains paul or bunyan.
* Wildcard (zero or more)paul*bunyanContains paul and bunyan with zero or more characters inbetween.
? Wildcard (zero or one)paul?bunyanContains paul and bunyan with zero or one characters inbetween.
Negation (single)-paulDoes not contain paul.
Negation (multiple)-(paul bunyan)Does not contain the phrase paul bunyan.

Attribute Searching

Equals (:) field equals Paul.
Does not equal (:-) field does not equal Paul.
Contains (*)*Paul*The field contains Paul.
Greater than (:>)http_response.time_ms:>500The field http_response.time_ms is greater than 500.
Greater than or eq to (:>=)http_response.time_ms:>=500The field http_response.time_ms is greater than or equal to 500.
Less than (:<)http_response.time_ms:<500The field http_response.time_ms is less than 500.
Less than (:<=)http_response.time_ms:<=500The field http_response.time_ms is less than or equal to 500.
Hashas:user.nameHas the field
Missingmissing:user.nameMissing the field

Grouping & Negation

Any condition(s) can be grouped together with parenthesis and prefixed with a - negation operator. To demonstrate, here are a few examples with explanations:

  •*Paul* (500 OR error) - The field contains Paul and the log line contains 500 or error.
  • -(*Paul* (500 OR error)) - The inverse of the search above. This is similar to !(..) in programming.

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