NewTimber Elixir V2 Released

    May 23rd, 2017

    V2 of our Elixir library is now available. V2 includes a variety of improvements, notable changes are listed below.

    Notable changes

    1. Anyone logging to STDOUT will be pleased to know that v2 now uses the :console Logger backend included with Elixir. Functionally this performs exactly the same, but the benefits of using a standard library include: improved stability, better performance, active ongoing maintenance, etc.

    2. The installer has been vastly improved:

      1. It now recognizes umbrella applications, handling them accordingly.
      2. A bug was squashed for Phoenix versions 1.3, the installer should work great there as well.
      3. The whole flow has been refined to use better messaging, formatting, and pauses that make it more apparent when user action is needed.


    We've placed an file in our repo. The process is very simple:

    1. Delete config/timber.exs

    2. Re-run the single command installer (mix timber.install). This commend, with your API-key, is located in the settings of your application.

    Eenjoy! Happy logging.