ImprovementShorter, Easier Field Paths

    May 23rd, 2017

    We're always looking for small subtle changes that could improve the UX of Timber. Today we released what we're calling "short paths." Here's a simple example:

    Instead of issuing a query like:

    You can now do:

    Here are a few more examples:

    Long field pathShort field path

    Give it a try!

    NewView a Line in Context

    May 23rd, 2017

    Have you ever searched for a line and wanted to view it in the context of it’s HTTP request? Today we added a tag that makes this as easy as a click.

    View logs in context is often critical to resolve issues quickly. And we’re constantly looking for ways to make this easier.

    We also added a new docs page for this feature.


    NewTail Users With a Click

    May 23rd, 2017

    Today we added a subtle tag to your logs, the "User Tag".

    This makes it dead simple to tail a user.

    Have you ever wanted to test something in staging or production, but there was too much noise in your logs? This gives that “development” like experience in these environments, narrowing the logs you see to just the ones you’re generating.

    Watch a customer reproduce an issue.

    We recently had a customer unable to identify an issue with one of their clients. They were able to easily narrow down to that specific user and identify a bad header they were sending. A problem that would have taken hours, took < 15 minutes to resolve.

    You can read more on tailing user in the tail a user docs page.