Our Team

  • Zach Sherman

    Founder & CEO

    Founder @timberdotio, previously @seatgeek. @VanderbiltU grad. I like programming, design & sushi.

  • Ben Johnson

    Founder & CTO

    Founder / CTO @timberdotio, previously @seatgeek. How many logs could a logger log if a logger could log logs?

  • David Antaramian

    Senior Backend Engineer

    David focuses on Timber's reliability from code to infrastructure as well as the maintainability of the growing Elixir codebase. Outside of Timber, David organizes the NYC Elixir community and EMPEX conference series.

  • Mark "Shark" Corwin

    Operations and Software Engineer

    After a few too many bouts on the high seas, this shark decided to beach himself in the trees of @timberdotio. DevOps practioner with more Ops than Dev but working on it.

  • Lucio Franco

    Junior Backend Engineer

    Recent graduate from the University of Denver. Beyond @timberdotio he loves Rust lang, distributed systems, parallel computing and all things functional.

  • Sid Panjwani

    Development & Growth Intern

    Rising Junior at Vanderbilt studying Computer Science with minors in Math and Engineering Management.