Modern Dashboard

Our lightning fast and flexible dashboard allows you to search through your logs with ease.

Real-time tailing

All logs are pushed to your dashboard in real-time, no batched updates, pure speed.

Fast searching & filtering

We allow you to search and filter logs by user, resource, request type, or any other context you can think of.

Clickable logs

Since we intelligently parse your logs, we can identify important chunks and let you click between them. Mind blown.

6 month retention

Most services keep your logs for 2 weeks, we start out with 6 month retention by default at no extra charge.

Trending events

Easily identify outliers, memory spikes and trending events with our advanced facets and graphs.

1 Line installation

Just install our package and logs will automatically be parsed and sent to your dashboard, no configuration necessary.

How it works


Tons of logs!

Modern apps generate massive amounts of logs, but making sense of them all is a real problem.


We convert logs

Timber aggregates and processes logs, augmenting them with invaluable context that helps you understand exactly how your app is performing.


Clean dashboard

Once logs have been processed, they're sent to our beautiful dashboard in real-time, allowing you to search and filter with ease.

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