• Modern Dashboard

    Modern Dashboard

    Our lightning fast and flexible log dashboard allows you to solve problems faster.

  • Real-Time Tailing

    Real-Time Tailing

    Real-time log tailing let's you know the current state of your app without the delay.

  • Fast searching and filtering

    Fast searching and filtering

    Search and filter logs by user, request ID, or any other context. Filtering out the noise quickly -- higher productivity.

  • Clickable Logs

    Clickable Logs

    Clicking logs in Timber reveals valuable metadata and context. Never get caught lacking the data you need.

  • 6 month retention

    6 month retention

    Most services keep your logs for 2-4 weeks, we offer up to 6 months of retention at cheaper prices.

  • Log–Based Graphing

    Log–Based Graphing

    Easily identify outliers and trending events based on your log data. Close the loop from graphs, to data, to problem solved.

  • 1 Line Installers

    1 Line Installers

    Install timber in less than a minute with our single command installers. No agents or special APIs; just simple logging.



    How does it work?

    Once the Timber library is installed, it will automatically decorate your logs with useful context and events (user info, requests, queries, etc).


    How do I install Timber?

    Simply sign up and choose your language and platform, from there you will be guided through a very brief installation process that will give you everything you need.


    How much does it cost?

    Timber offers a variety of plans (including a generous free tier) to suit any company size. Paid plans start at $8 per GB of data sent.


    Which apps do you support?

    Currently we have libraries for ruby, elixir and node, but can also accept logs from any app that runs on Heroku.


    What data can I collect?

    You can see all of the possible fields in our JSON schema, but you can also add your own custom context and events.


    How is this different?

    Most logging platforms accept only raw text or JSON payloads. Timber allows you to attach metadata (events & context) to your logs and provides libraries that handle this automatically for you.