Logging metrics is accomplished by logging custom events. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples:

Example 1: Tracking credit card charge volume

Instead of focusing on the individual “volume” metric, Timber allows you to log the credit card charge event as a whole. This way if you discover anomalies, you’ll have the data you need to resolve the issue:

result = CreditCrardProcessor.charge(credit_card, amount)

event_data = {cc_token: credit_card.token, success: result.success?, amount: amount, currency: "USD"}
logger.info("Credit card #{result.success? ? "successfully" : "unsuccessfully"} charged", cc_charge_attempt: event_data)

# => Credit card successfully charged @metadata {"level": "warn", "event": {"cc_charge_attempt": {"cc_token": "abcd1234", "success": true, "amount": 100, "currency": "USD"}}, "context": {...}}

In the timber console you can run queries like:

  • cc_charge_attempt.success:false
  • cc_charge_attempt.cc_token:abcd1234
  • cc_charge_attempt.amount:>100

Example 2: Timing a batch processing job

Just like above, instead of focusing on the individual timing metrics, we recommend logging an actual event.

In some cases, volume is high enough that logging individual events is not feasible. In these situations, we recommend logging summary events:

100_000.times do
  # batch processing task

event_data = {task_count: 100_000, success_count: 90_000, failed_count: 10_000, time_ms: 2000}
logger.info("Batch processing job complete", batch_job_summary: event_data)

# => Batch processing job complete @metadata {"level": "warn", "event": {"batch_job_summary": {"task_count": 100000, "success_count": 90000, "failed_count": 10000, "time_ms": 2000}}, "context": {...}}

Notice we classify this as an event and attached additional data beyond just the timing.

In the timber console you can run queries like:

  • batch_job_summary.time_ms:>50
  • batch_job_summary.failed_count:>0

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