Through the use of Heroku’s dyno metadata labs feature you get some great attributes added to your environment. If you’ve installed any of the Timber libraries, we’ll automatically capture this data and add it to your context under context.release.

Example JSON Structure

  "context": {
    "release": {
      "commit_hash": "2c3a0b24069af49b3de35b8e8c26765c1dba9ff0",
      "created_at": "2015-04-02T18:00:42Z",
      "version": "v42"

Field descriptions

Name Type Description
commit_hash string The git commit hash of the current release.
created_at string When the release was created in ISO8601 format.
version string The version number of the release.

Using this data

Example queries:

  • Full path: context.release.version:v42
  • Short path: release.version:v42 - Short paths are aliases allowing for simpler access to these fields.

See our doc on using context & event data.

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