Heroku documents a number of platform errors. When an error occurs, they will appear in your logs. Timber parses and normalizes these events as event.platform.error types.

Error R14 (Memory quota exceeded)

Example JSON Structure

  "event": {
    "platform": {
      "error": {
        "code": "R14",
        "description": "Memory quota exceeded"

Field descriptions

Name Type Description
code string The official error code. See this heroku doc for a complete list. required, max-length: 255
description string Description of the error. required, max-length: 1000

Using this data

Example queries:

  • Full path: event.platform.error.code:R14
  • Short path: platform.error.code:R14 - Short paths are aliases allowing for simpler access to these fields.
  • Only this event: is:platform.error

See our doc on using context & event data.

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