Timber for Elixir allows you to add custom context to your apps. Context is additional data that is added to every log line within that context. Think of it like shared / join data for your logs.

Before adding a custom context, checkout the events & context to make sure Timber isn’t already capturing it.


Adding a context is just a simple Map:

Timber.add_context(%{build: %{version: "1.0.0"}})
Logger.info("My log message")

# => My log message @metadata {"level": "info", "context": {"build": {"version": "1.0.0"}}}
  • Notice the :build root key. Timber will classify this context as such.

What you can do

Check out our doc on what you can do with events & context.


  • There are no limits to the depth of fields you can nest. As long as the resulting field path is less than 128 characters.
  • There are no limits to the number of custom fields you can send. As long as the result payload size is less than 2mb.

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