Timber allows you to quick seek to any specific time:


  1. Click the time in the top right
  2. Type the date in natural language or any date format (see below).


Within the Timber app you can seek to a specific time. This component is located in the top right of the interface:

Seek to time

Natural Language Dates / Times

You can supply dates / times in natural language:

  1. today at 3m
  2. last wednesday at 4:01pm (last meaning, last week)
  3. wednesday at 4:01pm (the most recent wednesday, past or future)
  4. 1997-07-16T19:20:30+01:00
  5. Complete reference →


After seeking to a date the URL will update with a date= parameter. Simply copy that URL, anyone navigating to the URL will jump to the same time. Ex:


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