Timber integrates with a variety of services allowing you to leverage you log data in ways beyond what Timber provides.

The benefits of using integrations

  1. Better performance.

    Instead of having your app send data redundantly to multiple services, it can instead just log that data. Timber can alleviate alleviate your app from the responsibility of distributing that data to various services.

  2. Removes vendor lock-in.

    Have you ever used a library, decided to switch, but realized you couldn’t because your app was so tightly coupled with that service? This is vendor lock-in. By logging this data and having Timber forward it, you can easily switch providers without having to change a single line of code in your app.

  3. It’s audited.

    Timber persists your logs for 6 months, recording every event. You’ll have a running searchable history of these events.

  4. Retries, Durability, and Guarantees.

    Communicating with a service is guaranteed to fail at some point. Handling this within your app can become cumbersome and difficult. With Timber, you can log the data and we’ll take care of ensuring it get there. Even if that means retrying on failures.

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