Timber does not impose traditional limits on the number of fields or the depth of nesting. Instead, the limits are based on our underlying technology:

  1. Each log line payload (metadata included) cannot exceed 2mb.
  2. Any field’s full path (ex: path.to.field) cannot exceed 128 characters.
  3. Custom field values must be of a consistent type. For example, if you send my.custom.field=1, all subsequent values for that field must also be numbers. You cannnot send a string or a boolean, for example.
  4. The Timber native fields are validated to ensure consistency. Validation constraints for these fields can be found in our schema & fields doc.

Timber does not

  1. Timber does not rate limit. Send data as fast as you’d like.
  2. Timber does not limit the number of hosts that can send send logs.
  3. Timber does not limit the number of custom fields you can store.
  4. Timber does not limit the depth of custom field nesting (beyond the 128 character limit).
  5. Timber does not limit the number of team members you can have.
  6. Timber does not limit the number apps you can have.
  7. Timber does not limit the number of organizations you can have.

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