We’re always looking for ways to make our search feel effortless. Today we released a few welcome changes to our search syntax:

  1. hello world - Now defaults to a phrase match, where the phrase hello world must appear within the log line (case insensitive). Previously, this would perform an intersection of hello and world, and acheiving a phrase match required quotes. After collecting feedback for a few months this continually came up. We hope this makes searching a little more effortless.
  2. MyModule::MySubModule - Is now treated as a literal text search. Searching for ruby module names is a very common task. Previously, because : is a special character for attribute search, this would throw an error saying the MyModule: attribute does not exist.
  3. debug, info, warn, error, and fatal - Now search the repsecitve log level as well as the log line message. Previously, this required an attribute search like level:warn. Because level is displayed on the screen, we’ve seen a lot of users type levels expecting it to work. Now it does!

Is there anything else we’re missing? Let us know by clicking the chat button below. Searching is something we want to perfect. If anything is off, please be sure to tell us about it.